The house where the US built a drone with the mastermind of ISIS-K, destroyed it, photos

After the ISIS-K suicide attack on the Kabul airport, the United States has also retaliated heavily. The US military has targeted many ISIS-K terrorists using drone airstrikes. In the attack, he killed ISIS-K's brain.

After this attack, a formal statement was also issued on behalf of the United States. The target is said to have been shot down and no civilians have been killed. Some images of retaliation have also emerged showing that the attack was energetic and that an adequate response has been given to the terrorists.

According to the Aśvaka news agency, the United States carried out an explosive drone attack on a house in East Nangarhar at 12 o'clock last night. The house was destroyed in the attack and the vehicle parked there was also seriously damaged.

This attack was so strong that there was a deep pit in the ground. You can see in the picture that holes have been made in the walls of the house and the floor has also been torn.

It is now claimed that many terrorists have been eliminated. The mastermind behind the Kabul attack has also been said to have been killed, but how many terrorists were killed, this figure has not been released.

For information, let us tell you that there were serial explosions at the Kabul airport on Thursday. So far, 169 people have lost their lives in that attack. Apart from this, 13 American soldiers were also martyred. Since the attack, the United States has been talking about replication actions.

President Joe Biden said we will not forget them (terrorists), we will never forget them. We will find you and punish this attack. We will give an adequate response to the terrorists, but we will choose our method and timing. 

Now, after the same warning, this important action was taken against ISIS-K from the American side. It is constantly claimed that this action has been successful and that the mastermind behind the Kabul attack has been assassinated.

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